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. Photo editing costs by Repair The Photo company Making masterpieces from a simple image believes being a considerably time consuming process. What should a photographer do when a high season came to your doors and tens of orders are all awaiting you in your home? The great number of photographers describes the a variety of online photo retouching services from the USA to reevaluate their work and earn more gain. Our firm provides five different retouching packages. Each of these consists of those different Photoshop techniques. They all need various amount of time spent by our electronic artist on most of the pictures you’ve send, the editor’s abilities are also significant and influence on the cost generally. We don’t charge extra money for marketing or brand — the service you receive. Our high expert team can indicate you choosing between the easiest Basic & elaborate High End levels. US-based experienced business has gathered a large team of profs, film manipulators who collect over ten decades of working within this business, understand Photoshop & Lightroom from A to Z, know how to process photos of all types and from different genres: portrait photographs, family and anniversary photograph sessions, wedding images, ecommerce photos, magazine and style pictures, etc.. Please, follow the recommendations that you find in your accounts Professional Photoshop Service by Fixthephoto when creating your purchase. If you sign in, please mention the genre you take photos in, join the extra pictures or the photos which show the fashion you are interested in. Having finished it, our supervisor will contact you and offer you the first-class and accredited editor in this way with individual article manufacturing picture editing. Photo Retouching Prices Photo Editing Services List Price per photograph Photo Editing Services included Fundamental Photo Retouching $2 Basic changes of this color and toning, lighting portrait editing (lips, eyes, hair, lips, etc. ), picture cropping. Professional Photo Retouching $5 Colors brightening, beauty portrait adjusting up, determine & confront reshaping, enhancing the backdrop, adding HDR effects. High End Photo Retouching $10 Colors brightening, beauty portrait adjusting up, find & face reshaping, improving a back ground, adding HDR effects supplement. Extra Photo Retouching Artistic picture post processing, adventures back ground manipulations, natural head swap if it is required, deep colour reimbursement & shadows modification. Photo Manipulation & Restoration $25 Creative or humorous portrait edit, making electronic drawings, natural picture montage, comic pictures creating. 5 Photo Testing amounts – How to pick the best one which satisfies in total? If you have decided to refer us now and make use of our solutions, everyone is welcome to choose the package you like the most