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After Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me shared with the little tweaks she makes for her Instagram photos with apps such as Facetune, her deft hand with all the program made me view it in a whole new light. I’d attempted Facetune previously but consistently made myself look like an alien, so I wrote it off altogether. But I reconsidered after seeing Hewitt function her (subtle) magic. Our creator Jennine has written concerning Facetune and also what it signifies for selfies and credibility and she’s a fantastic point: what is the difference between wearing makeup, having great light, getting your teeth bleached, getting a face, etc. . editing your photographs? The main difference I can find is that Facetune is a whole great deal easier and more affordable ($4). So I’ve made my peace with Facetune, and I’m trying to hone my abilities so as to not control my photos so much that I look like another species, and also to give myself permission to make alterations that make a better image. Here are a few of my favourite Facetune features and how I use them: Smooth Even in your 20s, shadows and poor lighting can make you look old, grumpier or sadder than you really are. Input Facetune’s”Smooth” function. Simply swipe your finger across the area in question to eliminate linesout polishes, or brush away stray hairs. In the photograph above, an unflattering tutorial remove stray hairs in photoshop – stray hair drifted across my neck, so I smoothed that sucker out. And when your first attempt doesn’t to the tip, you can up the strength by clicking on”smoother,” which does exactly the same thing but with a heavier hand. Smoothed to much? Strike”erase” to undo. Be aware that”smoother” needs to be used properly, and be certain you zoom so you get precise results. Reshape This is sort of a frightening job that can make you appear slimmer, fuller of hair, or just like you are taking a look at a funhouse mirror. But used wisely, it can create a better ratio if the angle of this photo is weird. In the photograph above, I am sporting a super loose kaftan-like apparel. Granted I gained a couple of pounds over the holidays, however I sensed that the billowing of this dress appeared too bulge-y in the photo. So I staged that I the perfect side of my waist a bit to make a more flattering shape, resisting the temptation to make myself a size two. This may also be used to fluff hair, give bulk to some dress, provide a virtual nose job, etc.. You decide how much you wish to go, however much less is much more with this particular one. Also be careful because as you resize, other elements of your photo will also alter. Refine And that is where”Refine” comes in